Now in my 20th year of serving in public education in Illinois, this blog will serve as a public reflection of current practices and policies that are having an enormous impact on the children, and subsequently the future, of this great state of Illinois.  Although Illinois has received (no…on second thought, it has earned) a reputation of being one mired deep in corruption and fiscal disaster, those of us who call this prairie state home know that it is also filled with something else in abundance: good, good people.  The people of this state deserve much more than what we have had to make do with lately as a result of policies and practices beyond most people’s control.  Hopefully by highlighting what is working for the benefit of Illinois children and also what is working to deepen the stark inequities in place across our state, Illinois will finally be able to live up to its full potential.

As a practicing public school superintendent, these blog posts will also serve as a public reflection for my own benefit, allowing me insight as I reflect on the many changes hurtling across our state.  Feel free to share your own thoughts, and also follow me on Twitter at Todd Dugan on Twitter